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GLP, GCP, and RUO laboratory capabilities. Time-critical projects welcome.

Our Commitment:

Sword Bio is made up of experts in the bioanalytical contract research research organization (CRO) field. We specialize in assay development, validation, and sample analysis. We are dedicated to supporting our partners from discovery through clinical Phase IV trials in their mission to save lives.


  • GLP
  • Non-GLP


  • Our Scientific Team has 30+ years of experience partnering with BioPharma scientists
  • Our Scientists partner with you on your project from start to finish
  • Sword’s multiple and proprietary platforms are used to meet your project’s specific needs


  • Setup initial project scope discussion in less than 24 hours
  • Excess Capacity Model allows us to start your project immediately
  • Project Planning completed before your reagents arrive
  • Direct access to your team keeps you up-to-date on project progress and resolve issues quickly


  • Flexibility to respond to evolving needs
  • Frequent and effective communication
  • Full transparency throughout projects
  • Single scientific point of contact

Bioanalytical Services

With a team that has 30+ years experience in the bioanalytical space, Sword Bio delivers industry-leading services and results.

Sword Method Development Scientists are experts in the rapid development, optimization, qualification, and validation of Ligand Binding Assays (LBAs) that are specific for a client’s unique needs and can be run under non-GLP, spirit of GLP, and GLP conditions.

At Sword Bio, our scientists have extensive experience in the development and validation of sensitive quantitative assays to measure the pharmacokinetic (PK) activity of your novel therapeutic drugs. We provide these services under non-GLP, spirit of GLP, and GLP conditions.

At Sword Bio, our scientists have extensive experience in the development and validation of sensitive, accurate, and precise quantitative assays to measure protein and non-protein biomarkers of drug efficacy, toxicity, and disease diagnosis, progression, or recurrence in your preclinical or clinical samples.

At Sword Bio, our scientists have experience in the development and validation of ADA and NAb methods that are designed to meet a client’s specific project needs.

We offer the complete suite of MSD singleplexed and multiplex immunoassays to quantitate biomarkers to support your drug discovery, development, and clinical validation needs.

Sword SwiftTM

Our Sword SWIFT program is designed to rapidly and dramatically improve the performance of assays used for drug discovery and development, enabling scientists to obtain reliable, actionable data to advance their research and development faster.

We offer a comprehensive suite of cell-based assay services, cell-based bioassay services, and cell culture services to expedite your needs.
Sword offers a comprehensive suite of custom and commercial cell-based assay services.

Our team has extensive experience developing, validating and testing samples on methods leveraging qPCR, dPCR, Cell-Based assays, cell sorting, Viral vectors, PK/PD of molecular genomics, Immunogenicity, and Biomarkers to support preclinical and clinical programs.

A Customer-Focused Approach

Our multiple decades of experience in the bioanalytical space has positioned us as experts. We are proud to deliver bioanalytical results to our clients with precision and professionalism. We also offer the flexibility needed to adapt to inevitable technical and timeline changes throughout a project’s life cycle.


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Offering GLP, GCP, and RUO laboratory capabilities focused on biomarkers, immunogencity, PK and NAb assays in support of research, preclinical and clinical studies.

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Collaborate on Rapid & Quality-Driven Customized Service

Sword Bio helps with your assay development, qualification, validation and sample testing needs. Our dedicated team builds partnerships with our clients to ensure that we meet or exceed your expectations. We are here to assist you from the early stages of your development efforts, through pre-clinical and clinical testing.


Bring Life-Saving Drugs to Market

Our excess capacity model allows us to help our client get their drugs to market faster.

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