Sword Method Development Scientists are experts in the rapid development, optimization, qualification, and validation of Ligand Binding Assays (LBAs) that are specific for a client’s unique needs and can be run under Non-GLP or GLP.

The Sword Difference

Experts in the development of antibody-based quantitative and qualitative bioanalytical methods: At Sword, we realize the importance of quality critical reagents is to the success of your project. We will work with you to use your internally characterized critical reagents or help in the evaluation of commercially available reagents and kits.

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How Our Team Can Help

1. Bioanalytical Applications for the Development of Therapeutic Proteins/Agents

  • Immunogenicity assays
  • Neutralizing antibody assays (Nab assays)
  • Cell-binding assays
  • Receptor binding phosphorylation assays
  • Pharmacokinetic (PK) assays
  • Pharmacodynamic (PD) assays
  • Receptor occupancy assays
  • Functional whole cell assays

2. Serology and Vaccine Development Applications

  • Serology assays (singleplex or multiplex)
  • Antigen quantitation
  • Autoantibody assays
  • Assessing preexisting immunity to viral vectors
  • Antibody isotyping
  • Lot Release/Potency Testing/Quality Control
  • Cytokine profiling

3. Nucleic Acid Applications

  • Oligonucleotide binding assays
  • Antisense oligonucleotide assays
  • Interfering RNA assays
  • tRNA assays

4. Immuno-oncology Applications

  • ADC quantitation and efficacy
  • Bispecific antibody quantitation and efficacy
  • Cancer vaccine immune response profiling
  • Immune checkpoint inhibitor quantitation and efficacy
  • Cytokine profiling
  • Apoptosis biomarker quantitation
  • Cell cycle modulator quantitation