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Biomarkers: Free and Bound

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Sword Assay for Human IL-1β

Product # SB-HIL1 β02-05

Sandwich ELISA

Sword Assay for Human VEGF

Product # SB-HVEGF02-05

Sandwich ELISA

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Utilizing our proprietary Sword Swift™ Method Development Process and Sword Swift™ Detection Reagents, our scientists can develop sensitive quantitative assays to measure the amounts of free or bound drug in preclinical or clinical samples with high accuracy and precision.

For a large molecule therapeutic compound, determining the relative amounts of free and bound drug in a sample can be important step in understanding the drug’s in vivo efficacy.

Sword scientists have developed extensive expertise in the development of quantitative methods to determine the amount of free or bound large molecule therapeutic agents.  Utilizing reagents (antibodies, protein or nucleic acid aptamers) that bind known epitopes or binding sequences on the cellular target of interest, assays that quantitate unbound and bound (or free and total) amounts of a large molecule therapeutic compound can be developed.

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What is Sword SWIFT?

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