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Empowering scientists to accelerate drug discovery and development.

Although researchers are discovering thousands of biomarkers associated with both healthy and diseased-related biological processes, today’s tests are unable to effectively measure, quantify, and determine the ultimate value of these biological markers.Sword’s technology is directly aimed at making it easier to understand newly emerging biomarkers, as well as extending the utility of existing tests.
By configuring our chemistries to dramatically increase sensitivity, precision, and reproducibility of common immunoassays used in the drug development process Sword is able to help researchers rapidly obtain robust data for faster and more confident decision-making.
Our mission is to provide next-generation detection technology and actionable data to life scientists, enabling them to continue advances in medical research, drug discovery, and the provision of health care products and services.

Meet Our Leadership Team

David Dingott

President & CEO

Mr. Dingott is a Fortune-10 trained business leader with 30 years’ experience identifying, creating and leading businesses from proof of concept to successful commercial enterprise. Mr. Dingott began his career designing computers at AT&T Bell Laboratories where he was inducted into AT&T’s Leadership Continuity Program for the next generation of top company executives. Mr. Dingott served as Director of many new diverse product and service-based businesses, growing them from concept to commercial enterprises. One such business was highlighted by Network World magazine as the reason for AT&T’s inclusion on the magazine’s list of ‘Companies to Watch’ in 1997.

After 18 years with AT&T, Mr. Dingott was recruited by a set of investors and became President and co-founder of award winning Corentè, named to Fortune Magazine’s 2001 ‘Top 100 New Companies to Watch’ list. Mr. Dingott secured all external financing and oversaw the company’s operations, as it grew from three people with a concept to more than 100 people, with services deployed in over 30 countries. Corentè was acquired by Oracle in early 2014. Mr. Dingott was awarded a Masters of Engineering by Columbia University and an Executive MBA at the University of Illinois.

Rob Donoho

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Mr. Donoho has more than 15 years of experience in strategy development and execution for both early stage and mature life science companies. Focusing on profit-driven technology solutions for the life sciences market, Mr. Donoho brings to Sword his in-depth knowledge and network of pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients and their processes.

Mr. Donoho, an expert in “Chasm” Technology Adoption, specializes in establishing long term partnerships with clients in the Pharm Bio industry. His previous positions include:

  • Head of Market Development, Roche Diagnostics. Mr. Donoho developed and led Roche Diagnostics BioMarker Partnership Program attaining 12.1% revenue growth to $17M
  • Manager of Global Strategic Marketing, Beckman Coulter. In this position, Mr. Donoho developed 2 flagship automation products, attaining 21% growth to $147M
  • Additional positions include; Vice President Sales & Marketing for Griffin Analytical Technologies aquired by FLIR, North American Sales Manager for SAGIAN aquired by Beckman Coulter, and Sales Engineer for Agilent Technologies.
Samar Kundu Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Dr. Kundu has over 20 Years of Leadership in the Abbott Laboratories Medical Diagnostics Division. His research and dedication has resulted in:

  • 35 patents (15 U.S. Patents and 25 International Patents)
  • 65 publications (in books and journal)
  • 10+ Technical Reports
  • Self-published Books: “Recent Advances in Immunoassays” and “Guidance to Cleaning Validation in Diagnostics” at Amazon

Dr. Kundu was inducted as an associate research fellow of Abbott Volweiler Society in 1998. He is also a member of the American Society of Biological Chemists and Molecular Biology and American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. Kundu’s list of achievements include his name in WHO’S WHO in Marquis Frontier’s in Science and Technology, Abbott’s VP aware in validation, Consultant for World Health Organization on Immunodiagnostics, Advisor of Invoy Technology LLC. (USA) for Fat Loss Monitor Product, and Visiting Advisor for WHO at the National Institute of Immunology in New Delhi.

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