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Immunogenicity Assays – Anti-Drug Antibody Assays

Tap Our Assay Expertise to Improve ADC Testing

Sword Bio has optimized a number of proprietary assays to support the analysis of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) with significantly improved sensitivity, precision, and performance. If you would like to obtain an assay as a customized solution for your ADC project, you can request more information here.

Whenever large molecular biologics (proteins) are administered to a patient, the patient can potentially develop antibodies to the therapeutic, known as anti-drug antibodies (ADAs).  The detection, quantitation, and determination of the isotype of drug-induced ADAs are critical to the understanding of the etiology of these antibodies and the effect that ADAs may have on the efficacy of the patient’s treatment.

At Sword, our scientists have experience in the development and performance qualification of ADA methods that are designed to meet a client’s specific project needs.

We have experience developing both bridging and direct-binding ADA assay formats, and in all phases of ADA assay development, to include:

  • Screening assay development and cut point determination (95th percentile)
  • Confirmatory assay development (99th percentile)
  • Method optimization interference mitigation
  • Assay “fit-for-purpose” performance qualification

Contact us today to discuss how our proprietary Sword Swift™ Method Development Process, Sword Swift™ Detection Reagents, and our scientific method development expertise can be utilized to speed your drug or diagnostic assay development processes.

What is Sword SWIFT?

Our program enables you to get more out of your existing assays to answer critical development questions faster.


Learn more about Sword’s patented technology and how it can be optimally configured for your specific matrix needs.