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Ligand Binding Assays & ELISAs

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Sword Assay for Human IL-1β

Product # SB-HIL1 β02-05

Sandwich ELISA

Sword Assay for Human IL-23

Product # SB-HIL2301-05

Sandwich ELISA

Sword Assay for Human IL-33

Product # SB-HIL3301-05

Sandwich ELISA

Sword Assay for Human TNF-alpha

Product # SB-HTNFA02-05

Sandwich ELISA

Sword Assay for Human VEGF

Product # SB-HVEGF02-05

Sandwich ELISA

Ligand Binding Assays & ELISAs

Sword Method Development Scientists are experts in the rapid development and performance qualification of Ligand Binding Assays (LBAs) that are specific for a client’s unique needs.

LBAs, which involve the binding of an analyte (ligand) to a receptor or an antibody that is specific for the ligand, have become very important tools in biomedical research, drug discovery, and diagnostic method development.
Specific types of ligand binding assays, called immunoassays or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs), utilize antibodies to specifically capture the analyte of interest and detect immune complexes of specific capture antibody and analyte.

At Sword, our expertise is the development of antibody-based quantitative and qualitative bioanalytical methods.

Utilizing our proprietary Sword Swift™ Method Development Process and Sword Swift™ Detection Reagents, the expert scientists at Sword will develop, optimize, and performance qualify a novel LBA to quantitate your analyte of interest in as little as 22 days.

By utilizing Sword to perform your method development, you will receive:

  • An industry-trained team of qualified sales, project management, and method development personnel focused on completing your project on time and under budget.
  • A customized, antibody-based assay designed to address your specific project needs.
  • A detailed method protocol that has been performance qualified utilizing a time and cost-efficient “fit-for-purpose” validation strategy.
  • A precise, sensitive, and accurate method that will meet your performance specification and will allow you to quickly and confidently make product, drug, or diagnostic development decisions.

Contact us today to discuss how our proprietary Sword Swift™ Method Development Process, Sword Swift™ Detection Reagents, and our scientific method development expertise can be utilized to speed your drug or diagnostic assay development processes.

What is Sword SWIFT?

Our program enables you to get more out of your existing assays to answer critical development questions faster.


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