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Deploy our platform in your lab with Sword ON-SITE.

Interested in leveraging Sword’s high-performance detection technology and process in your own laboratory? Through Sword ON-SITE, Sword experts will certify your lab team to use our super-sensitive technology and innovative processes at your site in the way that best addresses your assay needs.

We don’t just set up your new platform; we train and certify your lab team in-person to minimize human error when using the technology in the future. Using deep expertise in advanced bioanalytical methods and Sword’s patented detection technology, we work with you to strategically fit our unique process into your workflow. Once the platform has been implemented, we provide ongoing remote support.

Bring Sword ON-SITE with patented detection technology that offers:

  • Superior sensitivity, precision, and reproducibility
  • The ability to use standard fluorescent microplate readers and immunoassay chemistry
  • Compatibility with automation
  • The ability to rapidly enhance assay performance to make more effective drug development decisions, faster

Setting You Up for Success

Sword ON-SITE customers have access to our high-performance platform, capable of picogram-level analyte detection, right in their own laboratory. This technology is directly aimed at making it easier to understand newly emerging biomarkers, as well as extending the utility of existing tests.
Proper platform implementation can heavily impact the quality of results that are produced, so Sword will join your scientific team on site throughout the deployment process, ensuring the technology and process are properly implemented to achieve reliably robust assay performance.

Ongoing Support for Continuous Process Optimization

Our work is not done after the implementation phase. Sword’s experts will provide ongoing remote support to your team to answer questions and ensure scientists follow appropriate protocols.
Sword’s ongoing remote support helps your scientists can obtain maximum levels of sensitivity, precision, spike recovery, linearity, and reliability for your existing assays using our detection technology and process, and with the speed to meet ever-condensing drug discovery and development timelines.

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