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Speed decision-making with Sword SWIFT.

Precision medicine is moving at a rapid pace, but traditional drug testing technology has still lagged behind. The inability to achieve sufficient assay sensitivity and accuracy has led to test development taking too long and causing costly delays – until now.

At Sword Bio, we understand these unique challenges and deliver a robust process and technology designed to overcome them. Our Sword SWIFT program is designed to rapidly and dramatically improve the performance of assays used for drug discovery and development, enabling scientists to obtain reliable, actionable data to advance their research and development faster.

Achieve optimized assay performance in 3 steps with Sword SWIFT. We will:

ASSESS the Sword Boost in your assay

OPTIMIZE the assay for your sample matrix

QUALIFY / TRANSFER your assay to your site with performance qualification or use Sword Testing Services to run the assay

20 Days to a High-Performance Assay

We are confident that in just 6 days, we can show a significant improvement in the sensitivity, precision, and reliability of your target assay. You will learn how our patented chemistry, used in place of assay substrates like the colorimetric reagent trimethylbenzidine (TMB), enables picogram detection of analytes to meet the success criteria you’ve set forth.

If you are satisfied with the performance boost attained, then we only need another 14 days to configure the assay to achieve optimal spike recovery and linearity in your matrix.

Successful Projects Start with Sword SWIFT

90% of projects that utilize the Sword SWIFT process are successful within one month. While it may take other industry players upwards of 18 months to complete a custom developed test, we understand that time is of the essence when working to accelerate drug development timelines.

We are committed to shortening your timelines anywhere from 2 to 17 months while maintaining standard testing success rates and high-quality data. Our accelerated timeline allows you to make data-driven ‘go’ or ‘no go’ decisions more quickly.

  • Increased sensitivity: 10 to 30 fold improvement
  • Lower LLOQ: 5 to 10 fold improvement
  • Increased precision at LLOQ: CVs ≤5%
  • Detection of low abundance targets: pg/mL
  • Reduction in sample volume and assay time
  • Increased intra- and inter-assay precision
Sword’s ability to superior sensitivity, accurate results, and reproducible data drive key decisions and accelerate clinical trial timelines.

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