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Receive high-performance assay data with Sword Testing Services.

Bioanalytical testing is growing more complex each year, and so is the technology used to support it. As such, projects will always be the most successful when the operators’ expertise equals the cutting-edge nature of the modern technology used.

Effective processes and technologies are ultimately supported by people. When you take advantage of Sword Testing Services, your sample analysis is in the hands of a team of experts with real expertise in leveraging our advanced patented detection technology to produce the quality results you require.

Once your assay has been optimized through the Sword SWIFT process, you can choose to have the Sword Bio team perform the sample analysis testing. Our team is well-versed in using our platform, capable of advanced levels of detection, to reduce sample volumes, reduce test times, and ensure superior sensitivity and precision to yield reproducible data.

Put Your Sample Analysis In Our Capable Hands

As a company, Sword is able to combine our proprietary technology with true subject matter expertise to offer superior testing support. Through expert sample analysis, we are able to rapidly deliver the robust, reliable data needed to help your confidently advance your medical research, drug discovery, and drug development efforts.

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